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Perfume Appreciation and Perfumer (Professional) Certificate Course

(Graduating students can set up a personal perfume brand or be recommended as a perfume consultant)

Course Features


1. Various perfume raw materials and professional tools are provided in the class for students to learn

2. Provide more than 80 perfume raw materials

3. All students can personally participate in adjusting perfume, extracting raw materials and making fragrance products.

4. Instructors lead students to appreciate international perfumers’ perfumes and create personal brand perfume products

5. The instructor explains the operations of international and local perfume brands from upstream raw materials to store sales.

6. The goal is to enable students to acquire professional theoretical and industry qualifications in the fragrance industry.

7. After completing the course, students can become professional perfume brand consultants or open personal fragrance brands

8. After completing the course, students can purchase their own spices and make perfume at home.


Course Content


Day 1

  • Definition of cologne, eau de toilette and perfume

  • How to make perfume and alcohol-free perfume

  • 5 basic skills for appreciating perfume

  • All categories of fragrance 

     - Citrus

     - Fruity

     - Floral scent

     - Grassy scent

     - Woody

     - Resin

     - Spicy

     - Animal scent

     - Ocean

     - Natural fragrance

     - Synthetic fragrance

  • The messages conveyed by various perfume raw materials

  • Create a scent with a specific message

Day 2

  • Fragrance spread range, intensity and fragrance retention time

  • Top, middle and base notes of perfume and the Jean Carles Method

  • Teach how to create a themed personal brand perfume

  • The evolution of classical perfumes and modern perfumes

  • International/local perfume brands and the world’s top 5 fragrance manufacturers

  • International Safety Regulation and Supervision Organization for Perfume Raw Materials

  • Participants personally organize personal perfume brand and product briefing sessions

Day 3 

  • Extraction methods and uses of high-grade spices

  • Advanced analysis of aroma memory, intensity and persistence

  • EU safety regulations for 26 fragrance allergens

  • The ingredients and history of the world’s 12 major fragrance notes

      - Asian Tea fragrance

      - Chypre fragrance

      - Cologne fragrance

      - Fougère fragrance

      - Floral/Aldehydic Floral fragrance

      - Fruity fragrance

      - Gourmand fragrance

      - Green fragrance

      - Leather fragrance

      - Ocean fragrance

      - Oriental fragrance

      - Woody fragrance


Day 4

  • The difference between expensive and cheap perfumes

  • Compound classification and base selection of aroma

  • Code of manufacture, application and use of indoor and daily fragrance products

  • Perfume sales strategies and other fragrance products

  • The world’s 3 top perfumers and their perfume creations

  • Access to the world’s top fragrance suppliers, international fragrance regulators and guidelines

Suitable for People


People who are interested in perfume or intend to join the perfume industry

Eligibility Criteria


  • 20 questions (10 or more must be answered correctly)

  • Complete the production of 12 scented perfumes according to the instructor and course instructions

  • Personal perfume works

Language of Instruction

Cantonese supplemented by Mandarin and English teaching

Total Course Hours

24 hours in total 

Tuition Includes

Course notes and material fees

Graduates will be awarded a first-class perfume certificate and pin issued by the

Hong Kong Perfume School and the Asia Perfume Foundation​

Pathway Courses

The course is recognized by the Hong Kong Perfume Industry Association

and the Asia Fragrance Foundation

(After completion, you can connect to the

Perfume Appreciation and Perfumer (Perfume Instructor) Diploma Courses)


Course tuition



Professional Perfume Certificate
香港香水學校 Hong Kong Perfume School
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Date of 


May 5

May 13

Jun 15

Jun 17

Dates of Class         


May 5, May 12,

May 19 & May 26


May 13, May 14, 

May 15 & May 16

Jun 15, Jun 22,

Jun 29 & Jul 6


Jun 17, Jun 18, 

Jun 19 & Jun 20



11:00 - 18:00

Monday to Thursday

11:00 - 18:00


11:00 - 18:00

Monday to Thursday

11:00 - 18:00


Tuition Fees






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