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​Perfume Appreciation and Perfumer

(Perfume Instructor) Diploma Course

Course Features

1. Various perfume raw materials and professional tools are provided in the class for students to learn

2. Provide more than 160 types of perfume raw materials

3. All students can personally participate in adjusting perfumes, scented candles and fine fragrance series

4. Instructors lead students to appreciate Asian original perfume brands and European niche boutique perfumes

5. After completing the course, you can purchase your own spices and set up a studio to make customized perfumes.

6. After completing the course, students can become mentors and lead perfumery apprentices to make perfumes and open personal fragrance brands.

7. Graduates can teach courses approved by the Asia Perfume Foundation


Course Content

1. Perfume formula analysis

2. Fragrance selection of chemical monomers (Isolate)

3. Use compounds to imitate natural fragrances and compare the pros and cons

4. Spices procurement channels, restrictions and cost optimization

5. Interpret and utilize GC-MS reports

6. Learn to read thousands of perfume ingredients

7. Appreciate the works of Asian perfume brands and perfumers

​8. Asian original perfume brands and European niche boutique perfumes

9. Examination (including written examination, portfolio and internship report)

Suitable for People

Those who have completed the

Professional Course in Perfume Appreciation and Perfumer (Professional) Certificate

Eligibility Criteria


Students must complete a perfume assignment and written report

according to the instructor's instructions

Language of Instruction


Cantonese supplemented by Mandarin and English teaching


Total Course Hours


18 hours in total

Tuition Includes


Course notes and material fees

Graduates will receive a Level 3 Perfume Diploma and a pin issued by

the Hong Kong Perfume School and the Asia Perfume Foundation.

Course Tuition



香港香水學校 Hong Kong Perfume School
螢幕截圖 2023-03-13 下午1.39.07.png




Date of


May 6​

May 11



May 6, May 7 &

May 8

May 11, May 18, May 25


Monday to Wednesday

11:00 - 18:00


11:00 - 18:00

Tuition Fees





HK$14,800   ​

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