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Fragrance Consultant Service

Fragrance consulting service


In addition to providing a series of professional certificate courses related to perfume, Hong Kong Perfume School also provides fragrance consulting services for corporate training, wedding commemorations, shopping malls and perfume brands. Corporate training can improve employees' taste and team cohesion according to company goals; scent marketing in shopping malls can increase customer consumption and satisfaction; consulting services can provide market planning for new perfume brands and products, provided by local consumer tastes, pricing and marketing activities Assist, and attend perfume brand events as guests and professional introductions; wedding fragrance includes the preparation of theme-based entrance fragrances, and also assists customers in the preparation of related scented candles or perfume souvenirs as gifts for guests.

(The following services need to be booked one month in advance)

Perfume/Fragrance Creation Services

Branded Perfume/Personal Fragrance Creation

Consulting services (acting as a consultant for perfume brands in the industry or personal fragrances)

Fragrance studio rental (can accommodate 12 people)

- Can use all perfume materials in the studio

Institutional training/business activities

Perfume Appreciation Workshop (2 hours)

- Suitable for insurance companies/banks/corporate training

​Guest speaker at perfume brand events

wedding fragrance

Wedding Venue Fragrance with Diffuser

Customized perfume gift (30ml)

Customized perfume gift (50ml)

Customized candle gift (125ml)


shopping mall fragrance

Shopping mall or store fragrance


$1000/half hour









Charged by month or usage

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